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About us

Greendale Farm Park was originally a small plot of farm land which was used to store farm implements. In 1994 it was cleared to become a CL (Certified Location) for 5 touring caravans. 

In 1997 it was licensed as a touring camping and caravan site.


Before we opened in 2001 many improvements took place. These included re-siting the internal road to separate pitches more effectively, refurbishing the shop/tourist information area, decorating and putting up ceilings.

Since then we have changed from generating our own electricity to mains!!!

This involved half a mile of underground cabling and then renewing all the cables on site. Ian dug and refilled almost 200m.

We live on site in our bungalow which was completed in around 2004 so are on hand when needed.

Each year we try to improve further. In the last two years we have  added new flower beds. Previously the toilet block was upgraded and refurbished; solar panels were added to heat the swimming pool; extra hook-ups; and planted new trees, two new hedges, flower beds & more wildflowers. Bird feeders are placed over the site so that most pitches have a view and bird boxes are being successfully used, including the declining tree sparrows.

We no longer have a playground and the  site is now geared to those wanting a calm and relaxing stay. As a quiet site with a steep bank beside the brook and no space to play, Greendale is not suitable for children.  It is for this reason that we have changed to an adult only policy.

One of our last changes has been to go 100% non smoking and this has been welcomed by almost all of our customers.



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