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 Most people have chosen GREENDALE because it is quiet, attractive & friendly.  It is a UNIQUE SITE and we ask you to help us keep it this way! PLEASE read this sheet to enable everyone to have a pleasant stay & help us to protect our environment.  Thank you!   LARGER PRINT AVAILABLE OR AUDIO  

TERMS & CONDITIONS              Updated 01/03/14

Bookings & fees are accepted on the understanding that all these terms & conditions are observed. The proprietors shall not be liable to any persons visiting the site for any personal injury, damage to property etc., howsoever caused.

1. Greendale is exclusively for OVER 18s, including visitors.

2. ARRIVAL is strictly AFTER 1.30pm, unless negotiated otherwise. We ask people not to arrive before this time because, as a small site, we simply have nowhere to put you if the previous people are still here!  We are also very busy between 12.00 & 1.30pm & need an interval to cut grass etc.  DEPARTURE is by 12.00pm on all days.  We may not rush you off if no one is following onto your pitch but please check first if you wish to stay later!  

3. PITCHING: We do show you to your pitch but, for your information, you must be 6 metres [20ft] away from any other unit; the only exception being tents that are together.  Only one car per pitch. Please do not park on the grass during the winter.

4. VISITORS must be over 18, booked in advance & report to reception on arrival. Please ensure that your visitors park outside, unless arranged otherwise [tucked into the hedge & not blocking caravan exit/entry A contribution to our bird feed is appreciated. All visitors must have left before 10.00pm. Being a small site we cannot cope with more visitors than campers & at times may have to limit numbers. Plus, for your own safety, we must know who is on site.

4.1. EXTRA ADULTS    Anymore than two people must be requested at the time of booking. We cannot guarantee accepting extra adults staying, if you tell us on arrival. We need to ensure that our numbers are not too high for the best use of the facilities. There is a maximum of 4 people on one pitch. Parking as above.

5.  Following extensive customer surveys Greendale is now 100% NON SMOKING, both on the site and at our entrance. If you are a smoker please contact Sue BEFORE continuing with a booking.

6. A DOG is only accepted if it is well trained & had all necessary jabs. A second dog, or any other pet, has to be negotiated in advance.  Your dog must be kept on a short lead, at all times, & exercised off site to avoid unsightly brown patches. Greendale is not suitable for yappy dogs! A few breeds are no longer accepted [such as Staffies, Japanese Akitas & Rottweilers]. Dogs may NOT be left unattended in vans, unless a specific agreement is made with the owners/wardens. Basically, if your dog won’t upset a neighbour, who may not be a dog lover, then it is welcome, but, if it is likely to yap or growl, at someone walking past, then Greendale is not the right site. Two dogs are the maximum. Roaming cats are never permitted.

7. NO CYCLING on site, this side of the gates.

8. BALL GAMES are not permitted, except a small game of pétanque/boules, away from caravans, when conditions allow.

9 .Respect the QUIET nature of the site: Greendale is promoted as a quiet site, so please do not have music or TV that your neighbours can hear! We prefer not to have rules about times to be quiet at night but ask you to use your common sense and show respect for others who may retire earlier than you. This is exactly the same in the morning as, your neighbour may get up later than you.  Do check & remember voices travel more at night, especially from inside canvas or in the open air. 

10. Book in BEFORE using the heated SWIMMING POOL Please note that there are no lifeguards. See the swimming sheet for more information.

11. COMMERCIAL VEHICLES & GROUPS of more than two couples [booked together or separately] are not accepted.

12. Air conditioning units may only be used by negotiation.

13. Help us maintain an attractive, natural site by:

·         Any groundsheet may be used on hard standing but if it overlaps the grass then it must be a breathable type & still lifted occasionally.

·         BBQs or outdoor cooking are part of camping but please ensure that NOTHING warm is placed on the grass.

·         Keep washing lines reasonably discreet, so that your smalls do not block your neighbour’s view of the country!

·         Seaside windbreaks may be used around cooking facilities or for providing a small privacy area around a tent entrance, but not as a large barrier.

·           Gas bottles should not be on display outside caravans, except for cooking.

14. There is a 5 mph speed limit on the site.

15. For heavy users: excess electricity above 12Kwh per unit, per day is chargeable at our cost price of 12p per Kwh. In the winter all electricity is chargeable. This enables a reduced price in the off season.


NOTE. We reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone, whether booked or not. The owners/wardens also reserve the right to ask anyone to leave instantly, without refund, who cause an unnecessary nuisance or, in the owner’s/warden’s opinion, disrupt the site character. This has only happened once in 12 years & we really hope, & expect, that there will never be a need to implement again.                                                                                                                                                  MAIN SEASON BOOKING POLICY

May – Sept Many of our pitches don’t get much of a gap for over four months &, before opening each summer we could book out most  weekends for the year. That would block many of our week, or two week, visitors so consequently we have had to adopt a different booking procedure.

1. Weekend bookings [1, 2 or 3 days] are not released until a few days before. We will however take names in reserve for one or more weekends.

2. For Bank Holidays, priority is given to bookings of a minimum of 5 days, other than the May Day weekend.


A non-refundable or transferable deposit of £25 per week, or part of a week, is required to secure a booking. NEW: The balance is then due 1 month before your visit between May to September. Payment by debit card or cash [credit card 2% charge] Cheques are no longer accepted. See the availability calendar [between May – Sept] on our website www.rutlandgreendale.co.uk  or contact us for more information:  enq@rutlandgreendale.co.uk or tel:01664 474516 /0777 427 2005 between 9.00am & 6.00pm [5pm Sun]We may be closed for maintenance, for a week, or more, at the beginning of April & end of September.  TBC later.



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