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Walking And Cycling


We have details of a variety of walks ranging from a stroll around the village to the Rutland Round (65 miles). Here are just a few!


Name of Walk Distance


Starting Point (*)
Whissendine Picture Quiz 2 Campsite
Canals & Canterbury 11 or 8.5 Whissendine (1)
Fields and Follies 5 or 7.5 Exton (8)
Braunston in Rutland 6 Braunston (8)
Swooning Bridge 3.75 Oakham Museum (6)
The Rutland Round 65 Whissendine (1)
Alice Spooker 6.5 Oakham (5)
Oakham Heritage Trail 2.5 Oakham (5)
Whissendine Fields 4.5 Campsite

* Distance from campsite


There are many country lanes as well as the ever popular Rutland Water cycle track. We have details of many cycle routes including the selection below.


Name of route Distance


Starting point
Two Windmills 12 Campsite
Burrough on the Hill 14 Campsite
Rutland Water Outer Circuit  17 Oakham (6) Whitwell (10)
Hambleton Peninsula 12 Oakham (6)
Exton  & Fort Henry 10 Exton (8)
Vale of Catmos 22 Whissendine (1)
Canals & Canterbury 14.5 Whissendine (1)

All can be started from the campsite but remember to add on the extra distance to and from the site (denoted as *).

We also have a couple of basic bikes for hire.

A large selection of bikes can be hired at Rutland Water Cycle Hire


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